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  About the Book  


      When the idea for this book/perpetual calendar
started coming together, the unemployment rate
in the United States was 4.02%. Since then, the
unemployment rate has doubled, with no end in
       This book/perpetual calendar can help everyone
in a job search, from the college graduate
venturing out into the work force for the first
time, to the career changers who have become
disenchanted with their present careers.
       As a recruiter and professional interviewer for
more than 16 years, several things have become
evident. Despite the influx of career-related
information, candidates still do not know how to
interview, network, or look for a job.
       The hope is that this work can help the new
graduate, the career changer, the candidate reentering
the workforce, the person transitioning
from the military, and anyone else who is
looking for a new job, another job, or a new
       If one of these 366 tips helps someone land a
job, the book did its job!


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