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"Chuck Donovan heard the fear in Rocky Pacheco's voice. The white swirl coming over Hershey Ridge and obscuring the Tillman Valley below hadn't been forecast when he checked the NOAA National Weather Service in Missoula two hours earlier. But, the weather in early March was still winter in
the mountains. Donovan banked the single-engine Cessna-182, turned 180 degrees, and dropped to 500 feet above the valley floor."

A plane crash, a drug operation, murder: All play a part in leading Jim Neven into danger. His relationship with police officer Sandy Collins doesn't stop him from investigating on his own, despite Sandy's admonition to stay out of it.

As a result, Jim sticks his neck out, gets shot, and must survive when Sandy is also shot. A story of intrigue, drug running, greed and murder, unwinds as everyone Jim cares about is put in danger.

Following on the success of Timberline and Pursuit, Bernie
weaves another tale of the modern American West.


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