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The authors designed this book as a reference. The reader is not expected to read it from cover to cover, as you would a novel. Use the sections as you need them.
      We use several conventions in this book.
      We means the authors. We have extensive backgrounds of over 40 years each in educa-tion, health, advocacy and in dealing with the problems and concerns we discuss.
      This book is meant as a guide to help the caregiver negotiate the proper path through and within the system. We are neither doctors nor trained medical personnel. We are not trying to impart medical information. We are also not trying to give you instructions about how to adapt various devices. That is the responsibility of a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist or other professional. Do not use this book and its information as a substitute for proper medical advice or treatment. We encourage you at all times to consult with your doctors, dentists, pharmacists, therapists, and any other health care professionals.
      Throughout the book, we use him, her, he, she, and patient interchangeably. Do not interpret him or her to mean a person of a specific gender. Professionals in all fields as well as caregivers can be and are both men and women. It is simply easier to use him or her instead of him/her or he/she.
      When we refer to a Doctor, we mean a licensed medical practitioner. This book discusses a variety of caregivers, ranging from a medical doctor to nurse, occupational therapist, nurse practitioner, pharmacist or any other appropriate professional.
      We use the term caregiver to mean you. While caregiver is a term which can normally mean any doctor, nurse, assistant or any other person providing service to a patient, we will try to avoid that term when referring to anyone except you.
      There are many areas involved in caregiving. Some of the items discussed may apply to more than one area. They include: consideration and preparation  prior to becom-ing a caregiver; caregiving in the patient’s home; caring for a patient in your home; visiting and supervising actions within a nursing home, hospice or hospital; and actions after the death of your loved one.
      Throughout the book, we will present illustrations. They are stories based on real events and real people. The names have been changed.

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