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Nashua, New Hampshire

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    Amy is anxious about her sister. Ronnie has disappeared and her mother's boyfriend, Jerry, walked out of the woods carrying a spade.

    When Amy pulls a bloody shirt out of the burn barrel, and Jerry comes toward her, she runs like hell, afraid that Jerry will do to her what she thinks he has done to Ronnie.

    Rick, a freelance writer and would-be novelist, took Amy in and found her story intriguing. Together, they decided to research the subject.

    Jeanette, Amy's mother, offers no help. All she looks forward to is her next drug fix and Jerry is her supplier.

    Finding answers takes Amy and Rick on a whirlwind journey which involves police from several jurisdictions, many area towns and businesses and even a few bars.

    Rick becomes involved with a local biker gang, whose home turf is one of the bars he visits.

    After chasing for information and gaining the interest of police, Rick and Amy end up confronting a killer and placing themselves in the direct path of an axe wielder.

    Drugs, police, stabbings, shooting, and strangulation will all keep the reader on the edge of the seat.


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