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Sample pages
Chapter 1



   AMY PACED BETWEEN THE TABLE AND THE WINDOW; THEN GLANCED outside, frowned and turned back to her mother.
    "Mom, think! When'd you last see Ronnie?" Her voice rose in
pitch. "When was she here? Where's my sister?"
    Jeanette rung her fingers together, enough for the knuckles
to turn white. She shook her head. The small cutting board still
had traces of the powder she'd inhaled. "Don't remember ...
   "Mom! Where is she?" Amy glared at her mother. "Where'd
that jerk-off Jerry go? You seen him?"
    "He's around. Brought me this stuff." She looked at the cutting board.
    "Oh Mom, for God's sake, think. Was Rhonda here when Jerry came home?"
    Jeanette nodded slowly, her eyes fixed on the cutting board.
"Uh-huh...before he got home. I remember."
    Amy glanced out the window and turned back to her mother.
"Where did that asshole go? I didn't see him when I got home."

   Jeanette shrugged. "Said he was gonna burn some of his junk ... is what he said."
   Amy stood silent, stared at her mother, then shook her head
and went to the kitchen door. She saw a wisp of smoke coming
from the burn barrel. "What the hell's he burning?"


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